Current Projects




The Runcible Quintet

Neil Metcalfe - flute
Adrian Northover - soprano sax
Daniel Thompson - acoustic guitar
John Edwards - double bass
Marcello Magliocchi - drums

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The Sea Of Frogs

Bruno Gussoni - flutes
Marcello Magloiocchi - drums
Adrian Northover - saxophone




Maresuke Otomo, contrabass cello (Japan)
Marcello Magliocchi, drums / percussions (Italy)
Adrian Northover, saxophones (UK)
Phil Gibbs, guitar (UK)



The Visitors



Marcello Magliocchi, drums / percussions (Italy)
Adrian Northover, saxophones (UK)
Neil Metcalfe , flute (UK)
Phil Gibbs, guitar (UK)




The Dinner Party


Improvising Trio with

Vladimir Miller -piano,
Pierpaolo Martino - double bass,
Adrian Northover - alto saxophone

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The Horse Improv Club

The club has found a new home at The iklectik Arts Lab in Waterloo,
and continues to host an amazing series of live music.


Some photos

Also films from the club here



Jazz Thali

Sax and Tabla and more.




Hard Evidence

Hard Evidence play Four In One


Hard Evidence play Monk - live at The Horse Improv Club



A duo with piano player Vladimir Miller

'The Stalker Of Smolensk'