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The Custodians with Tristian Honsinger & Nicolas Caloia


The Custodians - 31.5.16.
Adam Bohman (amplified objects),
Sue Lynch ( tenor sax),
Adrian Northover (soprano sax+ electronics)-
“Live with the Horse Improv Music Club,
I’klectik Art Lab,
Recorded and mastered by Saint Austral Sound.”


The Custodians play with others in Berlin at Ma Thildas, Feb 2015



The Custodians at Wiesenburg 29-08-14




The Custodian perform at
Scaledown in October 2013


Some film of a collaboration
with Lukax Santana











Muffled Molusc Maintenance, from 'The Grape That Takes No Prisoners'

Bach Pipe Variations, from Earthen Cream Encryptions (2013)

'Hoboe Oboe', from Donkeys, Prawns & Lightbulbs (2014)


A track from - 'Ersatz Vagabond Internationale ' with Lukax Santana


Elevenses , fom the 2012 release ''Jangled Echoes & Pneumatic Verbiage'.


This is from 'Granite, Silk & Soldering'.


'A Hounds Spleen', from 'The Custodians Of The Realm' 2010.