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Adrian Northover

Adrian is based in London, and plays alto and soprano saxophone.
He can currently be heard playing on the London club scene with a
wide range of musicians, as well as doing solo saxophone performances.
He has made recordings with B Shops for the Poor, The Remote Viewers, Sonicphonics
(with Billy Bang), The London Improvisers Orchestra, Ensemble Trip-Tik, Anna Homler,
Dave Tucker, John Edwards, The Custodians, and various duo CD’s with Adam Bohman,
Tasos Stamou, Daniel Thompson and many others.
He has performed at many international festivals, including the Montreal Jazz Festival, Sound Symposium, Victoriaville, Leipzig Jazz Festival, Tallin Festival, Arkangel Jazz, Freedom Of The City, Bari Jazz and others.

Recent Cd releases include
Xoo, with Daniel Thompson and Lukax Santana.
20 Years On – The London Improvisers Orchestra
The Sea Of Frogs with Marcello Magliocchi and Bruno Gussoni.
The Visitors with Marcello Magliocchi, Phil Gibbs, Neil Metcalfe.
Ag with Steve Noble & Daniel Thompson.
Five and Four by the Runcible Quintet.
MAM – with Marcio Mattos and Marilza Gouvea
Notes Lost In A Field  - The Remote Viewers Trio.
The Dinner Party with Vlad Miller and Pierpaolo Martino.
Sezu with Marcello Magliocchi, Maresuke Okamoto and Phil Gibbs.
Wintertide by Vlad Miller & Notes From Underground.
Precarious Casino, The Custodians Of The Realm , with Adam Bohman and Sue Lynch.

Adrian also helps run the Horse Improvised Music Club.

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